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Video Mail Server

Navtej Singh Electronics LLC Video Mail offers an advanced version of Voice Mail functionality for mobile users. Mobile subscribers can now setup Video Mail boxes with a personalized video clip for the callers. When the subscriber is not reachable or busy, the caller can leave a Video/Voice mail. The subscriber can view/retrieve his Voice/Video mail messages using WAP/WEB/MMS functionality. Subscribers can leave personalized family and business video greetings and can update them instantaneously anytime.

With Navtej Singh Electronics LLC Video Mail product operators can offer an advanced Voice Mail functionality for their 2.5G and 3G customers. The product can slowly replace the expensive Voice Mail functionality that is based on a circuit switched technology. The Video Mail functionality is based on the packet switched technology and can be globally accessed to subscribers via web/wap/email access mechanisms even while they are roaming.

2.5G and 3G subscribers around the world can set up their Video Mail boxes on a monthly subscription rates and immediately enjoy the benefits of the service.

Navtej Singh Electronics LLC Video Mail product is built using Linux clustering techniques with high availability, robustness and can be scalable from 10,000 Video Mail boxes to millions of Video Mail boxes.

Music Video Jukebox

Do you want to watch them in action – any time, any place? You can, with Navtej Singh Electronics LLC innovative video jukebox service.
Thanks to 3G technology, catching the latest music videos is as easy as making a phone call. Navtej Singh Electronics LLC offers videos on demand for customers to download or stream onto their mobiles Around the world from London to Sydney the response is over-whelming Customers in 3’s nine markets around the world have watched over 30 million full version music videos on their mobiles so far.

For more information or quotes please send an email to info@navtejsingh.com

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