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  Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC)

Navtej Singh Electronics  Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) enables wireless carriers to offer short messaging services (SMS/text messaging) to their customers. Navtej Singh Electronics SMSC is one of its kind, that can aid in providing SMS over IP backbone bypassing the expensive and congested SS7 networks.

Navtej Singh Electronics SMSC can support all access technologies like GSM, CDMA and TDMA at the same time helping the carriers to support multiple access technologies simultaneously. Navtej Singh Electronics SMSCs are scalable from as small as 1 SMS/sec to 1000 SMS/sec capacity levels and offer most advanced features like MNP, CALEA, Broadcast groups, Aliasing, IRDB/PRL downloads and OTA support for SimToolKit interface.

  Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC)
The Navtej Singh Electronics Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) delivers image, audio and video messag-ing to multimedia-enabled terminals. In addition to person-to-person multimedia messaging, MMS introduces a whole new dimension to a variety of mobile information and entertainment services. For example, in addition to receiving the final score of a soccer match, MMS enables users to receive a short video clip showing the winning goal or a spectacular save. More importantly, a physician would be able to receive critical patient data in a presentable format instantaneously wherever he is and be able to treat the patient from a remote location.
MMS transactions enable mobile commerce and mobile location.Navtej Singh Electronics MMS platform enables wireless carriers to start realizing the benefits of this killer revenue generator with their 2.5G investments while their 3G infrastructure is still being planned.
The Navtej Singh Electronics MMSC is a highly available, reliable and scalable platform that provides mobile multimedia messaging services. The platform is a fully integrated solution that provides Billing and Subscriber Management services. Standard SNMP based management support is provided to seamlessly fit into the operator's network management paradigm.
Navtej Singh Electronics is a 3gpp and WAP2.0 standards compliant platform.Interoperability testing with several vendors' WAP2.0 gateways has been successfully completed. The product is compliant with SonyEricsson and Nokia MMS phones besides PocketPC based PDAs.
Navtej Singh Electronics platform consists of MMSRelay, Message Store,UserProfile, MMSPortal and a PocketPC compatible MMS User Agent. Navtej Singh Electronics is technology independent and can be deployed in CDMA-1X and GPRS networks.
  CDMS - Content Delivery and Management Server
Content is the main revenue generating tool for mobile operators today. Delivering the content in a uniform and secured way to their customers is at most importance to the mobile operators in the world. To quickly enable the mobile operators to deliver the SMS/MMS/WAP content to the subscribers, Navtej Singh Electronics has developed a Content Delivery and Management System (CDMS). Navtej Singh Electronics  CDMS will enable the mobile operators to host, update, manage and deliver unique content to their mobile subscribers. Navtej Singh Electronics CDMS provides various access mechanisms for queries and presentation of the content like SMS, WAP, MMS. CDMS platform adheres to all the standard interfaces to deliver and procure the content like SMPP, CIMD, UCP, MMS-MM7, MMS-MM4, SMTP, HTTP, FTP and WAP.
  SMSC Gateway
Navtej Singh Electronics SMSC Gateway serves as an interworking and relaying function of the message transfer between the External Short Messaging Entities (ESME's) and the Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs).
The SMSC Gateway uses database that checks, accepts, processes and distributes Short Messages among the SMSCs. Navtej Singh Electronics SMSC Gateway supports both temporary and persistent storage. SMSC Gateway has the capability to be provisioned both to forward the messages without storing in a database (instantaneous delivery) and /or with storing the messages and then forwarding (store and forward service) depending on various parameters. It will automatically appends, Changes or Replaces the short-code of the SMSC with a specific MSISDN or with a configured text before delivering the message to SMSC.
SMSC Gateway has an option of offering secured connectivity to the enterprises (e.g. Triple DES for Banks) for sending confidential data.
The Messages are received and sent over SMPP/CIMD/EMI interfaces existing with the ESMEs and with the SMSCs The entire traffic routes over IP. Navtej Singh Electronics SMSC gateway provides message storage, routing and confirmed delivery services between SME's that are consistent with the short message services specified in the SMPP, CIMD and EMI standards.
  Cell Broadcast Center
Cell Broadcast is a mobile technology that allows simultaneous delivery of messages to be broadcasted to all mobile handsets within a designated geographical area with range varied from a single cell to the entire PLMN.
CBC technology is used in deploying location-based subscriber services, such as regional auctions,.local weather forecast,traffic conditions and emergency messages to the public.
Navtej Singh Electronics Cell Broadcast Center is a carrier grade platform that interfaces with the mobile network infrastructure like BSCs, MSC and OMCR using the 3GPP or 3GPP2 standards. The platform can scale from 1 Msg/sec – 100 Msg/sec. Navtej Singh Electronics CBC allows the operators to easily define the geographical areas on the fly and broadcast the message to the same.
  Location Based Service
Navtej Singh Electronics LBS Application Server can be used by the mobile network operators to provide the location based services to
  Find Me or I am Here in Emergency Situations like 911  
  Find My Buddy/Child  
  Find a Point of Interest (Eg. Nearest ATM, Hospital, Pharmacy etc)  
  Find my Fleet position  
  Find my sales agent location  
Navtej Singh Electronics LBS Application Server interfaces with the local premium GIS servers to get the accurate location information like the address, landmark, MAP, telephone number etc. Navtej Singh Electronics LBS Application server is transparent to the location finding technology of the mobile infrastructure like GPS based or Triangulation based methodologies. The LBS App server interfaces with the GMLC using a standard LIF specified protocol to find the mobile location.
The platform provides various access mechanisms like SMS/WAP/MMS to the mobile subscribers to access the LBS content. Navtej Singh Electronics LBS Application server is a carrier grade platform which can scale from 1 tps to 100 tps.
  WAP Gateway
Navtej Singh Electronics LLC WAP2.0 Gateway enables mobile carriers to provide premium content like games,ringtones,
Navtej Singh Electronics WAP Gateway comes with a customizable menu, differentiated billing records and enhancements to integrate third party content.
Navtej Singh Electronics WAP 2.0 Gateway can be scaled from 5 tps to 200 tps, depending upon the customer’s needs.
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