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In today’s world network security has become of paramount importance. With all our companies information which is very sensitive and confidential in soft copies now on hard disks and servers, it is very important to protect our network against virtual theft and attacks by hackers.

Navtej Singh Electronics LLC now provides along with SecureGrid, a leading network security company state of the art network security solution at very competitive pricing.

Our solutions are scalable to your network requirements, be it network size or the specifications of your network safety. Integral components of SecureGrid’S solutions are the SG Sentinel and SG Core Team.

arrow Robust, layered design
We develop best-of-the breed layered design, which sharply increases the cost/effort of potential attack – thereby making your network an unattractive target; our solution also presents multiple challenges to attacker; raising defensive barriers and taking you out of the “low-hanging fruit” category.
arrow Round-the-clock monitoring by our Security Specialists
Even the best technology can benefit from top-of-the-line expertise keeping a close watch. SG’s central monitoring team comprehensively covers diverse areas of networking & security including Firewall Management, IDS/IPS Management, Router Security Management, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Management, VPN Security Management, E-Mail Security Management, IT Forensics and more. Automated alerts, log analysis and status reports are co-related to attack patterns and presented to these specialists to facilitate early threat identification and quick incident response.
arrow Automated updates
  SG’S research teams constantly scour the cyberspace to identify new threats and attack patterns. These result in continuous updates to the SG Sentinel capabilities. With SG’S managed security solution, you need not worry about becoming outdated – much less, obsolete. The S²ed technology comes with built-in updating capabilities. One worry down! That means…. more time for Music, Cricket and Golf.
arrow Worry-free "We manage your security" solution
We take the responsibility of securing your network and keeping it that way. We stay awake so that you can sleep peacefully. We stay sharply focused on your network security so that you can pay your undivided attention to your core-business and your customers.
  For more information or quotes please send an email to info@navtejsingh.com

  Range of Products
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